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Comprehensive Legal Solutions in
Broken Arrow, OK, Overland Park, KS, 
& the Surrounding Communities

Welcome to Lundy Law Firm, where our commitment to delivering comprehensive legal solutions spans across the Tulsa and Kansas City areas. With a dedicated team of legal professionals and two strategically-positioned offices, we deliver a wide array of legal services crafted to address the varied needs of our communities. Whether you are seeking estate planning advice, exploring bankruptcy avenues, in need of vigorous defense in litigation, or require guidance on other legal concerns, our firm is poised to offer unparalleled support and bespoke strategies aimed at fostering the most advantageous resolutions for you and your family. Embracing a client-focused approach, we ensure that your journey through the legal landscape is both empowering and oriented toward your best interests.

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Legal Services We Provide


At Lundy Law Firm, we don't just process paperwork; we understand the weight of financial burden. Our dedicated attorneys are committed to helping you understand your options and make informed decisions toward your path out of debt. We will help you navigate exemptions, protect your assets, and confront creditor challenges head-on. Together, we'll work towards clearing your debts and laying the foundation for a stable, debt-free future.

Provided in the Broken Arrow Overland Park Offices.

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