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Lundy Law Firm

 Founded in 2001

Lundy Law Firm has been a cornerstone of legal excellence in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow areas since its establishment by Jerry D. Lundy in 2001. With deep roots in the local community, the firm has built a reputation for comprehensive, client-centered legal services, covering a broad spectrum of practice areas. Jerry, a native of Broken Arrow, brings a personal touch to his practice, emphasizing a deep commitment to the community he serves. His extensive experience across the state of Oklahoma has equipped the firm with a unique perspective on legal matters, enabling tailored solutions for each client's unique situation.

In a significant expansion of Lundy Law Firm's reach and services, 2023 saw the opening of a new branch in Kansas City, spearheaded by Collin Lundy. This strategic growth reflects the firm's ongoing commitment to providing accessible, top-tier legal support. The Kansas City branch, under Collin's leadership, focuses on bankruptcy and estate planning services, areas in which Lundy Law Firm has garnered considerable expertise and success. Collin's addition to the firm brings fresh energy and a forward-looking approach to the family-led practice, ensuring that the values of dedication and personal care established by Jerry continue to be the firm's hallmark.

Lundy Law Firm's ethos is rooted in a sincere dedication to its clients' well-being, guided by the principles of integrity, compassion, and excellence. Whether navigating complex bankruptcy proceedings, crafting thoughtful estate plans, or tackling intricate legal challenges in other areas, the firm stands as a beacon of support for its clients. With the expansion to Kansas City, Lundy Law Firm reaffirms its dedication to extending its reach and impact, offering a lifeline to those in need of legal guidance and support across both states. The firm's blend of seasoned wisdom and innovative approaches ensures that clients at both the Tulsa and Kansas City branches receive unparalleled legal representation.

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Office Locations


119 West Broadway Avenue

Broken Arrow, OK 74012


7300 West 110th Street, 7th Floor

Overland Park, KS 66210


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Legal Services We Provide


Bridge by the Water

At Lundy Law Firm, we don't just process paperwork; we understand the weight of financial burden. Our dedicated attorneys are committed to helping you understand your options and make informed decisions toward your path out of debt. We will help you navigate exemptions, protect your assets, and confront creditor challenges head-on. Together, we'll work towards clearing your debts and laying the foundation for a stable, debt-free future.

Provided in the Broken Arrow Overland Park Offices.

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